TAC Cover lo-resI’m very pleased to announce that the latest Wolf Dasher novel, The Armageddon Clock, is available for purchase.

In Wolf’s biggest mission yet, he must team up with a deadly Phrygian Shadow to find a lost artifact capable of counting down to the Apocalypse. Worse, the mad wizard who invented it has escaped from Hell and plans to set the clock in motion. If Wolf doesn’t stop the countdown, everyone everywhere on Earth will die. But can he really rely on an untrustworthy ally, whose ultimate goal is to betray him?

Get The Armageddon Clock on Kindle here.
Get it in print here.

I’m excited to have this book on the market, because, in a twist of fate, it is actually the first Wolf Dasher novel I wrote. I penned it back in 2008 and was planning on it launching the series.

But a couple things occurred to me that changed my mind. First, the novel is about averting Armageddon. If my hero were to save the entire world from destruction, where would I go from there? How do you write sequels that are as compelling if the first thing he does is stop actual Doomsday? It seemed to me that this story was a good one, but it needed to come later in the series.

Second, the original drafts of The Armageddon Clock told a classic Cold War thriller. The novel is set in Mensch — a fictional version of 1960’s Berlin — and follows an American and Soviet agent (Urlish and Phrygian respectively) as they try to put aside political rivalries long enough to stop the Apocalypse. It would have been timely and terrific in 1988.

But it was actually 2008 (2009, by the time I made the realization), and the Cold War had been over for almost 20 years. I realized the novel would be unlikely to resonate with anyone younger than I.

So I set to writing a new Wolf Dasher book, starting the series from a different point and with more contemporary problems. The result of that effort was State of Grace — a novel that sends a British-American-style agent into a fictional version of the Middle East.

But eight years later, The Armageddon Clock finally gets its turn. Wolf finally faces down the Apocalypse. And because it’s Book 6 instead of Book 1, well, it’s just possible he might fail. Maybe this is where Wolf’s illustrious career (and everyone else’s) draws to a close.

But no matter how it turns out, I’m excited that The Armageddon Clock is here at last. It is, actually, the book that started it all.

Click here to get The Armageddon Clock for Kindle.
Click here to get The Armageddon Clock in print.


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