Here are the latest updates on John’s books and website! Check back here often; it’s updated frequently!

8/2/2016: A Story about Fathers
In my latest edition of “Pleading the Phyth,” I examine Spider-Man (2002) and the roles of the two father figures in the film. In them, I discover wisdom for myself. Click here to read it.

7/20/2016: The Importance of Building Infrastructure
In the latest edition of “Pleading the Phyth,” I take a look at one of those things they don’t tell you when you get into the indie author game — the promotional infrastructure you need to find readers.

7/13/2016: TAC Back from Editor; Beta Readers Needed
I just got the latest Wolf Dasher novel, The Armageddon Clock, back from editor. It should take me a week or so to enter changes, then I’m sending it to beta readers. Want to be one? Click here to learn more.

7/5/2016: Multiple Sessions Leads to Greater Output
In my latest installment of “Pleading the Phyth,” I discover that I can increase my words per day if I write in several shorter sessions instead of one big one. Click here to read how.

6/17/2016: Donating to GLAAD through Pride Month
In the wake of the tragedy at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, I am once again using my LGBT fantasy novel, The Sword and the Sorcerer, to try to make a difference. I am donating 100% of the proceeds of SatS to GLAAD through the end of June. Click here for more details.

6/9/2016: Road Trip!
My wife and I are taking the kids on a road trip. In the latest edition of “Pleading the Phyth,” I explain how we plan to torture them! Click here to see what we’re up to.

6/6/2016: Magic Moments: Modern Mill
In my latest installment for my Magic blog, I look at the blue-black mill deck I’m building for Modern. Click here to check out my design and see what tweaks it needs.

5/31/2016: Back on Pace!
I seem to have broken through my stress-related writer’s block. Woot! Click here for more details.

5/27-2016: Magic Moments: The New Standard
After months, I finally pen a new installment in the Magic Moments blog. I’ve become dissatisfied with how the new set format is impacted Standard Constructed play at FNM. Click here to see what’s got me irritated.

5/24/2016: Mars-gazing
Mars in opposition to Earth right now and easily visible in the night sky. I wax philosophical on what sort of opportunity this presents. Click here to read my thoughts.



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